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Cooker for jam - Capacity 125 lt

Price€ 4.609,16

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The cooker is the ideal equipment to make jams.
It is equipped with a boiler with jaket oil bath to ensure a regular and uniform cooking of the product is no burning of the product.
The boiler includes a lid equipped with mixing blades and electric control panel with safety devices.
The structure is mounted on a support frame that allows for easy drainage and cleaning of the machine.
Are included in the supply thermal oil and gas cooker.


Take the excellent fruit and clean by removing the inedible parts, insert the solid part through the dedicated grid, then put the juice into the funnel.
Heat the boiler via the gas cooker, checking the oil level in the cavity thermal black. Supply the electrical panel and operate the mixer.
Allow to cook for the desired time and then remove the lid equipped to pick up the jam before it cools.

Packaging features:
  • 50 kg
  • 65x130x65 cm
  • Pallet