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The manual press is equipped with stainless steel structure fixed on the basis of the wooden support.
The squeezing is done by a manually operated clay pigeon, that goes to squeeze the product inserted inside the perforated drum. The squeezed product conveys on the plate.
It’s equipped with a movable frame for easy cleaning and ensure optimum accessibility.


Used to press medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, some seeds, nuts and anything else contains the juice.
In addition to this, it is used to squeeze the components to create macerated, brandies, liqueurs with the aim of recovering a good part of the residue of maceration.
Among the various products that you can work, we cite a few:
• Fruits: apples, peaches, lemons, oranges, pears
• Vegetables: celery, dandelion, spinach, chard
• Other products derived from steeping, almonds

1 ° Turn the handlebars until the plate comes out from the basket
2 ° Unscrew the knobs and bend the frame of the press at 45 degrees
3 ° Insert the product to be processed and return the press in working position
4 ° Turn the handlebar clockwise until the product is pressed
5 ° Repeat the point 4 at time intervals, until the exhaustion of the product
6 ° Collect the juice from the plate with a spout

Packaging features:
  • 28 kg
  • 60x80x60 cm
  • Pallet