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Stainless percolator 2.5 liters

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The percolator is totally made of stainless steel and is equipped with all the components in order to make the process of percolation: container for plants and extraction liquid, bottom grid, weight, cover, drain tap.


It is used for the realization of the extracts, leachate from medicinal plants.
It’s possible to use the percolator for all plants, fresh and dried, by inserting together into the desired solvent (water, oil, alcohol).
Can be made aromatic oils, healing or for massage, hydro-alcoholic extracts of active ingredients from: thyme, St. John's wort, helichrysum, basil, ....

1 ° Insert the bottom grid, the raw material to be processed and put the weight above the material
2 ° Enter the desired solvent for the percolation (water, alcohol, oil)
3 ° Place the top grill and put the lid
4 ° Periodically, extract the solvent and pour it again on the raw material
5 ° Repeat several times the point 4, according to the product that you are working
6 ° After the time required, extract the product obtained from the tap

Packaging features:
  • 6 kg
  • 40x30x40 cm
  • Box